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Latino Ells and Math: Six Gap-Closing Classroom Math Strategies Infographic

Latino ELLs and Math

Read our latest white paper on Six Strategies to Reach, Teach, and Close Math Gaps: For Latino English Language Learners in Elementary and Middle School.

Learning and understanding the unique language of math can be a challenge for many of the 4.4 million Latino English Language Learners (ELLs) in U.S. elementary and middle school classrooms. One in every four students in the U.S. will be of Latino descent by 2020, so providing equity and access to educational opportunities for this growing group of learners is of paramount importance.

This infographic offers six strategies you can use in classrooms right now to create a dynamic shift in each learner’s confidence and improvement in math performance.

Educators across the nation are finding that ed-tech is an important way to break down barriers for all students, no matter where they live or learn. Through digital inclusion, the use of adaptive tools, and engaging game-like programs, the playing field can be leveled to give Latino ELL students—and all students— the skills and confidence to achieve their full potential.  

Going to SXSWedu 2015? The featured panel Ed Tech for Educational Inclusion (or join in at #SXSWedtech) on March 10 will explore new and creative pathways to provide equity and access for every learner, in and out of the classroom. Don’t miss it!

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Latino ELLs and Math

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