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Launch Lunch

There is nothing like the excitement of launching a new product after years of work. I enjoyed the privilege of joining the celebration lunch with the DreamBox team.

It did make me wax nostalgic for the first time I was personally responsible for launching a new product. There was the same anxiousness. I watched one of the engineers pace back and forth, not quite sure whether he should continue to enjoy the break, or go back and monitor how the site was doing. The same mixture of joy and weariness from all the work down the home stretch was on people’s faces. There was even the plastic stemware used for a celebratory toast. However, back then I never really got to enjoy the toast. Literally as the corks were popping, my beeper, as well as those of a few other engineers, all started going off at the same time alerting us to a problem on the servers. Off we rushed to go fix the problem, fortunately succeeding quickly.

Nothing like that happened to add more excitement to the DreamBox lunch. Of course, instead of beepers, the DreamBoxers have iPhones with a slick graphical display of the vital stats of all the servers, so they can keep a sharp eye on the health of the system. Ah, beepers…

Everybody does remember what a beeper was, right?

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