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Let’s Do Climate Math

DreamBox+Learning+For+Earth+DayIf you haven’t heard, sponsors announced this year’s theme for Math Awareness Month – it’s Math and the Climate! Held every year in April, Mathematics Awareness Month was started to make others aware of how math affects our world. DreamBox is celebrating all month long with articles about climate math and our free Math Awareness Month activities calendar!

Turn down the heat and warm up for Math Awareness Month with a few thought-provoking activities your family can do together. Today’s topic: Reducing Carbon Dioxide.

Change a light. Replace one light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb and you’ll save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide (Co2) per year. Math Practice: Count all the light bulbs in your home. Discuss how much energy you’ll save if you replaced each bulb with a compact fluorescent.

Recycle. If you recycle half your household waste, you can save 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Math Practice: Separate all the aluminum cans, newspapers, and milk cartons in your home. Count how many items make up each pile and tally in a chart. Make pencil holders out of aluminum cans. Subtract the cans you’re reusing from the cans in the pile. Now how many cans will go into the recycle bin?

Every step you take. For every mile you travel by car, you let one pound of Co2 into the air. Math Practice: Take a family bike ride and count the blocks as you go along. How many blocks make up a mile in your town? Could you take more trips by bike or on foot? List the animals you see on your journey and collect fallen leaves.

Math Learning As A Way of Teaching Your Child About the Environment

It’s amazing how much a simple action, like changing a light bulb impacts our environment. While we talk with kids about climate change and conservation, math provides real values behind our decisions. When a child asks, “Mommy, why can’t we take the car?,” instead of using the old Mommy mantra “Because I said so,” say, “If we drive one mile, we’ll let one pound of carbon dioxide into the air. Let’s walk instead.”

Teach your kids about Math and the Climate with more fun Earth Day activities. Comment below and let us know if you’re participating in Math Awareness Month!