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Let’s Graduate!

Introducing the DreamBox Graduation Kit!

It’s that time DreamBoxer’s and we are so excited for you! Graduating from the primary environment is a BIG deal and we are here to make it that much more special for your students! At DreamBox we want to make sure that your students’ accomplishments are showcased in a way that is fun and exciting for not only them, but you as well! With that, we are so excited to share with you our first ever Graduation Kit!

This kit comes packed with tons of awesome printables and activities for your students! Curious as to what we put in here? Here is a sneak peek!

A DreamBox coloring page for your students with characters from the primary environment and their new environment!

A Diploma! Because, every graduate deserves an awesome certificate for their hard work!

And finally, last but certainly not least… A graduation cap! That’s right! Not only do we provide you with the awesome top to the cap, but we have given you all the instructions you need to make it! Including a step by step video!

We are so proud of the accomplishments of all our DreamBoxers and we can’t wait to see your students with their graduation kits! We would love for you to show off your students by tagging us on Twitter @DreamBox_Learn so we can be a part of the graduation excitement too!

Download your Graduation Kit here!

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