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Let’s Prevent Summer Slide

Head off summer learning loss, and have fun along the way

Summer is coming around again. Those three sparkling months of playground, beach, ball games, nature hikes, reading outside on warm days with a foot dangling in a cool blue pool––and significant loss of learned math skills that teachers dread having to get students caught up on when school starts again.

The “Summer Slide” of academic growth dissolving into the summer haze has been well documented by the National Summer Learning Association. But you know what else has been proven? It takes just 80-90 minutes a week to keep math skills toned and avoid summer slide altogether. There are lots of fun ways to practice at home. Or, take it on the road when the family packs up to head out for adventures.

At DreamBox we have created an activity sheet called “Six Easy Ways to Fight Summer Slide” to help parents, other guardians, and tutors keep math concepts top of mind for students. Simple card games can help younger children practice addition and subtraction. Multiply miles per gallon on a family road trip. Play strategy games in the evening, like checkers or tic-tac-toe. You get the idea.

For students old enough to study algebra and geometry, keep those skills in shape with pattern recognition in numbers, shapes, or objects. Have children draw geometric shapes, and then examine the angles and parallel lines with them. Invite your child to create a three-dimensional structure from a building set. Team up to bake their favorite cookies, and talk about how cooks measure ingredients. Count, calculate and estimate seeds and rows as you plant a small garden together.

Here are a bunch of ideas to help you all have fun heading off summer math learning loss, at home and on travels!

A more formal math lesson program can be an option, too. If your student has a DreamBox Learning account through their school, you can easily set up parent access at home––or from anywhere you have an Internet connection (like a vacation cabin near a lake?) Summer slide doesn’t stand a chance. Completing just 3-5 lessons a week on DreamBox can set your student up for success in September.

Summer Advantage USA gave DreamBox a try across Indiana, Colorado, Alabama, and Illinois. Not only did students retain what they’d learned the previous school year, they glided forward in absorbing new concepts. Michelle Ciccone, Head of Strategic Initiatives, said, “In just 4 weeks of using DreamBox for 20 minutes 4 times a week, as part of the math instructional block, we saw a full 4.1 months of improvement in math achievement.” There’s no need to follow summer games of catch with autumn math catch-up. Learning retention can be a fun fair-weather game that everyone wins.

Still wanting more? Check out our DreamBox Summer Slide Video!