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Lights. Camera. Action! DreamBox Video Contest Highlights

DreamBox Learning asked kids to “Dream Big” and tell us what they want to be when they grow up. And we were delighted to see all the big dreamers out there. From doctors and teachers to ghostbusters and Jedi, there were so many amazing big dreamers in the DreamBox video contest, it was tough for us to count – and we’re math experts!

To the many students, classes, teachers, and parents, we want to thank all of you for sharing your dreams with our education community. Here are some of the DreamBox video contest highlights that make us laugh, touch our hearts, and make us feel great about the future.

We’ll be announcing the contest winners very soon!

DreamBox “Dream Big” Video Contest Round Up:

Brendon shows off his tricks to become a mathematical magician

Kaylee dreams of “helping kitties, doggies and monkeys as a zookeeper”

This girl looks like she’s going to blast off on her way to becoming an astronaut

Logan wants to be a doctor that delivers babies because “Babies are miracles”

Eithen dreams of having his name in lights when he grows up to be a comedian

Christopher’s big plan is to become a “Racecar drivin’ daddy”

This kid with magical pipes is passing on an Opera career to design affordable supercars

Paige shows off her arabesque as she dreams of becoming a dance teacher

This big dreamer is revving his engine to become a racecar driver

Omar is cutting a rug as he dreams of becoming a hip hop dancing cop

Paige is growing up to be a veterinarian “for she can protect animals… for animals can be alive for a long time”

Emma is cooking up a big dream to become a chef in her own bistro

This little guy is fired up to become a football player when he grows up

Peyton dreams of becoming a teacher when she grows up because she wants to “… Make children smarter and a better person and help them”

This little pirate is dreaming about “X marks the spot, so he can to sail a ship to find buried treasure”

This DreamBox Jedi is dreaming of flying an X-wing fighter to take down those bad guys. Watch out with that lightsaber!

Sophia is dreaming of becoming a butterfly when she grows up. Spread your wings and fly away!

DreamBox “Dream Big” Classroom Video Contest

Juanita Elementary shows us how they will use math in their dream jobs of the future!

  • This classroom of big dreamers is full of future ball players, architects and CIA agents!

The TCS Movie Club shows off their green screen skills to highlight:

  • Tillie and Blake as awesome actresses
  • Tatum on her quest to become a wheeling and dealing real estate agent
  • Will isn’t settling to be just a weatherman – he wants to be a meteorologist
  • Lane wants to be an artist with a backup plan of becoming a dancer

The Holy Rosary Pre Kindergarten Class is dreamin’ of a great big beautiful tomorrow!

  • These kids have what it takes to become doctors, mommies and mermaids.
  • Watch out! One little guy might be Spiderman when he grows up.

The Valley Prep Kindergarten class has a future so bright, they need to wear shades!

  • Chemists. Dancers. Solders and Ghostbusters. There are no bigger dreams than these.
  • Great job: Megan, Nicole, Ignatius, Rishi, Hanna, Isabella, Noah, Madison, Nikita, Aaron, Ayesha, Dawson, Isabel, Reed, Aisha, Matthew, Arya, Elizabeth, Juan Jose and Zaid
  • Special thanks to Directors: Mrs. Boyle and Miss Melcher, and Producer: Mrs. Willis

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