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Making Professional Development Personalized—and Meaningful

Top Tweets from #EdSurgeChat

On June 20th, Twitter was buzzing over professional development during the #EdSurgeChat Making Professional Development Personalized—and Meaningful. In case you missed it, we have rounded up the top tweet responses to the six questions here.

1. What does inspiring professional development look like for you? Professional development is inspiring when it has been chosen by teachers and is relevant. (Tweeted by former NY educator, Amanda Glover.)

2. What are some of the challenges for implementing meaningful PD? Differentiation is the biggest challenge for implementing meaningful PD. (Tweeted by Author and Teacher, Starr Sackstein & Math Instructional Specialist, Jessica Childers.)

3. There’s a lot of talk about personalizing learning for students. What might it mean to “personalize learning” for educators? Personalized learning for educators means giving teachers a choice and voice. (Tweeted by Zap Education & Elementary Assistant Principal, Jessica Torres.)

4. How does strong, personalized PD for educators impact students? Strong personalized PD for educators impacts students by unlocking potential. (Tweeted by Director of Innovation at Montour School District, Justin Aglio.)

5. How do you get educators on board with personalized learning? How do you foster building educator leaders? Get educators on board with personalized learning by giving them a choice. (Tweeted by Fifth Grade Math Teacher Mrs. Rey.)

6. What kind of processes or structures have been put in place for running meaningful PD at your school? Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) have been put in place to help run meaningful PD. (Tweeted by Manager of Curriculum at DreamBox Learning, David Woods & Classroom teacher & education & Policy Enthusiast, Ian Simoy.)


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