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New Math Activity Calendar: March is Lucky Math Month

The luckiest month of the year is here! DreamBox Learning is celebrating good fortune with fun math lessons and activities. Our March Math Activity Calendar has plenty of activities to keep your children busy, with activities that include:

  • DB_MarMathCal_2011_HEROOn Dentist Day, count your teeth, then brush each one for 3 seconds. Figure out how long will it take to brush all of them on March 6th
  • Determing how many Girl Scout cookies are in a stack of six dozen, on Girl Scout Cookie Day, March 12th
  • On First Pancake Day, figure out how many pancakes would you need to make for everyone in your family if each person gets 3, on March 25th

Luckiest month of the year

What are your classroom plans to celebrate St. Patrick’s day? What themed learning activities are you planning in order to engage your students and children? Share your ideas with us!

Download our free March Math Activity Calendar today!

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