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March 2019 Activity Calendar!

Women’s History, Dr. Seuss and Pi – oh my!

Happy March DreamBoxers! It’s time to warm up and get ready for this jam-packed month! March not only is packed with loads of fun days, but it’s also Women’s History Month which is something that should absolutely be celebrated! During this month, we honor, respect and show gratitude for the many incredible women who have shaped our history. These women fought for their rights and broke numerous barriers, creating a stronger tomorrow. At DreamBox, we are so excited to honor this month and hope that you educate your students on its importance as well!   

Since we are huge math lovers over at DreamBox, we can’t forget to recognize the most mathematical day of the year – Pi Day! This day was created in 1988 by Physicist Larry Shaw and was chosen for its numerical representation of Pi, 3.14! If you recognize the number but aren’t totally sure as to what Pi is, we are here to help! Pi is the constant ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. With Pi (π) being an irrational, transcendental number it continues to infinity and currently holds over 2 trillion decimal places! And believe it or not, but mathematicians are still not done solving! So, take a seat and relax with a slice of Pi on March 14!

Did you know that March also includes National Puppy Day, St. Patrick’s Day, The First Day of Spring, and even more exciting days!?

Download our March Activity Calendar to celebrate all of these exhilarating days with all of us at DreamBox and encourage both your students and yourself to never stop learning!

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