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New Math Activity Calendar: August is Kindergarten Readiness Month

Ready. Set. Go to kindergarten! It’s time to get the little ones ready for the classroom and DreamBox Learning is here to help. Our August Math Activity Calendar is all about kindergarten readiness and we’re celebrating with counting, cutting and coloring activities to prepare future kindergartners for their first days of school!

Math Activity Calendar Highlights:

  • International Art Appreciation Day on August 9th
  • Bad Poetry Day on August 18th
  • Dream Day on August 28th


Tell DreamBox How You Prep Your Kids for Kindergarten

How did you prepare for the first day of school: flashcards? Sesame Street? Online math games? DreamBox Learning wants to know. Just leave us a comment below or send us a message on the DreamBox Learning page on Facebook to continue the kindergarten readiness conversation. If you’re a teacher, we want to hear from you too – let us know if you have any wonderful kindergarten math games and activities for the class of 2024. We hope you enjoy your August Math Activity Calendar and have a fantastic school year!

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