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New Math Activity Calendar: September is Self Improvement Month

Sept 2010 Math Activity CalendarThough the sun is still shining, the start of the school year has begun. Balance the start of homework with fun and educational activities from DreamBox! September is Self Improvement month, and students can work on improving their math skills, and themselves, with our new September Math Activity Calendar.

Activity Calendar Highlights:

  • Skyscraper Day! Figure out what the tallest building in your city is on September 3rd
  • Celebrate Autumn Equinox on September 23rd, when the entire world will experience 12 hours of sunlight. Figure out what time the sun will be the highest!
  • Anniversary of Babe Ruth’s 60th Home Run on September 30th

Tell DreamBox How You Inspire Self Improvement

We love hearing self improvement stories, especially when it comes to learning math! Share your stories on how you encourage kids to take on a self improvement project and develop their math skills. Just leave us a comment below or post on our DreamBox Learning page on Facebook. We hope you and your kids enjoy our September Math Activity Calendar!

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