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New Math Activity Calendar: October is Spooky Math Month

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means tricks and treats for children! Celebrate the holiday with spooky-but-fun math activities during Spooky Math Month, including pumpkin math fun, with our October Math Activity Calendar!


Activity Calendar Highlights

  • Have your students or your kids figure out how many cookies are in a dozen on Homemade Cookie Day on October 1st
  • Learn about five famous explorers on Columbus Day, October 12th
  • Count how many seeds your pumpkin has on Pumpkin Carving Day, October 26th

Tell DreamBox How Your Children Celebrate Halloween

Are your students dressing up for Halloween? Are your children dressing up as a pirate, pixie, dinosaur or pet? Leave us a comment below or on our DreamBox Learning page on Facebook, and let us know if your children are dressing up as some of our adventure friends in DreamBox! We hope you and your kids have a math-tastic time with our October Math Activity Calendar!

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