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Math Learning Through Experience

I always say I learn everything the hard way. By that I mean I don’t learn a lesson as well when I hear about someone else’s mistake as I do when I make it myself. Experience really is the best teacher. When my son was younger I’d find myself watching him struggle with something, and biting my tongue to keep from jumping in to tell him how to do it right!

I came across a news article today about some high school students who learned strategies for estimating by getting out of the classroom, going to a football stadium, and figuring out how to estimate the total number of seats in the stadium! (Learning Math Outside Class Helps Students Understand It ) I think it’s a cool idea. As more states and more districts respond to the crisis in math education and increase their focus on effective math learning, I’m sure we’ll be reading about many more cool ideas like this real-world example.

Get At Home Math Learning Activities

It’s an idea we believe in — we incorporate the learn-by-doing principle into our math lesson games, and we use parent communications to suggest activities families can do at home: DreamBox Learning’s Parent Newsletter, for example, always includes tips. And when we email parents about an academic milestone their student has achieved in DreamBox, we include ideas for at-home activities that provide hands-on experience with those math concepts.

I’m always looking to hear good ideas on games and activities that parents can use to promote math learning through experience – I would love to hear yours!

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