May 2019 Activity Calendar

May can only mean one thing… it’s time to honor our Educators!

As promised, April showers brought us our beautiful May flowers, but that’s not all they brought. This month has tons of days to honor those who not only teach us, but also serve us all year long. Kicking it off right on May 1st is National School Principals Day. Make sure you take a moment to let your Principal know how much you appreciate them and all the work they year around as well! Moving down the list of amazing days this month, on Friday, May 3rd it’s time to showcase our appreciation to those who give us fuel to survive the day. That’s right – it’s National School Lunch Hero Day! On this day make sure you give an extra thank you to your cafeteria staff when you’re picking up your lunch, without their hard work we wouldn’t have the brain power to get through the day.

Coming up on May 7th is a very special day (or
week) National Teacher Appreciation Day! Make sure you go up to all your
teachers on this day and thank them for all they do, not only for their students,
but their schools as well. Teachers work day in and day out to ensure their students
not only are absorbing knowledge, but enjoying themselves while they are at it!
If you’re a DreamBox Educator, be sure
to log on to DreamBox Nation, to claim a special gift from us!

Moving on to the Math activities for this month – National
Pizza Party day on May 17th! Sure, we all love an excuse to eat pizza, but have
you considered using it to teach fractions? Have your students or children
count the number of slices in a whole pizza and determine the right fraction to
serve everyone. This is a fantastic way to have students apply math to real-world
problems. Later on this month we also have National Solitaire Day. Take this day
to not only teach your students the game itself, but have them count the number
of cards in the deck, the suits, colors, even and odds, and so much more! A
deck of cards is filled with endless possibilities for counting, sorting and

For more ideas on how to encourage students to make those
daily math connections, download our May Math Activity
now. If you’re a teacher, you can print it and send it home with
your students to help cultivate a math mindset outside of school. If you’re a
parent, you can hang it in your kitchen as a reminder to incorporate fun family
math activities into every day. Enjoy!

Ali Cunlisk

Ali Cunlisk

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Ali is currently the Marketing Coordinator for DreamBox Learning. She is a recent graduate from the University of Washington and is a firm believer in adaptive education. When she is not at work she enjoys Washington hikes, exploring new restaurants and of course hanging out with her four legged furry brother Max!
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