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Meet Team Gadley, Classroom Winners in the 2017 Spring Math Challenge 3-5 Large Class Category

Meet the Winners of the 2017 Spring Math Challenge

Some 5,258 teams competed for bragging rights (and cool prizes) in this biannual event

March “Mathness” may be over, but the learning has just begun. On March 13th DreamBox kicked off its biannual Math Challenge and once again enrollment surged. Determined students from all 50 states and Canada participated in the three-week event and together completed nearly 2 million DreamBox Math Learning lessons!

This is a tremendous feat especially when you consider the fact that this year the Math Challenge coincided with Spring Break for many of our competitors. That means students continued to complete DreamBox lessons even while they were on vacation! Way to go DreamBox Nation!

Spartanburg County Shines

This year the Spartanburg County School District pulled off a hat trick. It’s the first time teams from one district took three titles—including the Grand Prize in the Small Class Category. All together these three classrooms completed 6570 DreamBox lessons. Wow!

Congratulations to the Spring 2017 Classroom Winners

These DreamBox devotees completed the most lessons to take top honors in the Spring 2017 Math Challenge:

  • K – 2 | Small Class (up to 20 students)
    Davis | McKee – 1 – Davis | 2682 Lessons Completed
  • K – 2 | Large Class (21 to 40 students)
    Duckwall | Jennifer Duckwall’s Class | 3085 Lessons Completed
  • 3 – 5  | Small Class (up to 20 students)
    Cann | Duncan – 4 – Cann (1) | 2192 Lessons Completed
  • 3 – 5 | Large Class | (21 to 40 students)
    Gadley | Gadley – 2016 | 3903 Lessons Completed
  • 6 – 8 | Small Class (up to 20 students)
    Richards | Beech – 6 – Richards | 1214 Lessons Completed
  • 6 – 8 | Large Class (21 to 40 students)
    King | King, Josh T. | 3939 Lessons Completed

And the Grand Prize goes to … drum roll please …

Congratulations to the following teams for completing the most lessons in their respective classroom categories:

  • Large Class Category
    Kopp | W – 3 – Kopp | 4194 Lessons Completed
  • Small Class Category
    Bradigan | Duncan – 2 – Bradigan | 3164 Lessons Completed

Each classroom will receive five Chromebooks for use in school and a $100 gift card to fund their victory celebration. Plus, each student from the winning team gets a DreamBox backpack loaded with goodies.

Thank you to all who participated. Keep playing DreamBox and we’ll see you right back here in the fall!

PHOTO: Team Gadley, Classroom Winners in the 3-5 Large Class Category

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