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More Kitchen Math

number cookie cutters_

Number cookie cutters from Amazon

Last month we had some good kid time in the kitchen as we developed our monthly DreamBox newsletter on Kids’ Kitchen Math. In fact we had such a good time we’ve made it part of our regular routine — our summer routine anyway. So we were happy to find a new addition to our kitchen math toolset: number cookie cutters! I found them on Amazon for $8.

Naturally that led us to search for the right recipe for making some delicious numbers. We tried shortbread cookies first, which, with just a few ingredients, are very easy to make. But the kids really liked the real sugar cookies best. These sugar cookies bake with a nice crisp edge so the numbers don’t puff up — they stay recognizable! And they have the added benefit of being fun to decorate. If you use the candy decorations, kids can count and sort them by color and shape, see how many they need to decorate for each person in the family to have 2 cookies, and count the cookies to see how many dozen they made in all. Then you can time how long it takes to clean up the kitchen.

I think my plan is working — the kids are begging for more numbers!

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