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My Husband Says I’m a “Start-up Junkie”

True, I’ve worked for six start-ups in the last ten years. I love working with start-ups; they have a special energy about them that I haven’t found in other business environments — especially as an accountant. Everyone is working together to nurture and grow an idea from someone’s dream to a reality, and they don’t always succeed. At DreamBox Learning I believe we will succeed. The founders, Ben & Lou, have worked diligently to put together a really smart team that is heart & soul committed to creating a math learning tool that every child will benefit from playing.

It’s been interesting and fun to witness the growth from a team of three 2-1/2 years ago to a team of fifteen-plus today, to watch how the product has developed and continues to develop with everyone providing their unique input into the process — and to support it in any way I can (making sure bills & payroll get paid on time, etc.).

Finally, Kid’s Math Concept Learning Technology Catches Up

My boys are adults now and I sure wish that we had this technology available to us when they were little and struggling with math concepts. I feel honored to be able to work with a team that will ease that struggle for so many kids. And, I look forward to the days when we expand to other educational topics and my husband will no longer call me a “start-up junkie“, because I work for a successful, well-established company that is changing the way kids are learning!