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A New DreamBox Report for Teachers: the Academic Progress Report

Academic Progress Report_1We know teachers want easy access to details on the math their students are learning. Now teachers have a new Academic Progress report that makes it easy to see what math concepts students are learning playing DreamBox.

Teachers can easily see details on:

  • Which math concept modules students have passed in DreamBox placement lessons
  • Which lesson modules they have mastered by working through DreamBox lessons
  • How much progress, in percentage terms, students have made in the concepts they are currently learning
  • How much time each student has spent on DreamBox lessons, and the number of lessons completed

In this report teachers see a list of the math concepts in DreamBox, which are based on the critical NCTM Focal Points for Number Sense and Operations, and Algebra. And teachers can see the status of each student’s progress for each of those lesson groups.

If you have a DreamBox classroom, you can access this report any time on your Teacher Dashboard. (On the Student Progress tab, just click on the link that reads “Preview the new Academic Progress Report”). If not, you can preview the report on our website by clicking here.

The report is easy to share with principals or with the teachers who will be working with your students next year, to show them what they know at the end of this school year. From the report, just click on the “Send report by e-mail” button at the top of the page.

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