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New Math Activity Coloring Page #2: Professor Pickles and His Time Machine

Dinosaurs heroDinosaurs are fascinating for many kids, and DreamBox kids are no exception!

When students play DreamBox, they can choose from a number of different math adventures with a Dinosaurs theme. They can join silly Professor Pickles, Dr. Kim, Hasan, and Misha as they explore a museum and travel to the time of the dinosaurs. While they’re there, students play math games and earn rewards as they hunt for hiding dinosaurs, track tyrannosaurus footprints, or free a triceratops from the tar pit!

Now you can download the PDF for the next in our series of math activity coloring pages. When you print it out, your child can “Help Professor Pickles and the gang get home in the time machine!”

The developers, designers. and teachers  at DreamBox have enjoyed creating a fun world of dino time travel for kids to explore. We hope your kids have just as much fun discovering these fanciful worlds as they learn math!

If you haven’t already, be sure to download the Math Adventure Park coloring page, so your kids can color Stella and her friends the colors of the rainbow.

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