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New Math Activity Coloring Page #3: Color the Whimsical World of the Pixies!

Pixies heroWhen kids play DreamBox, they personalize their experience by choosing a math game character and a theme — Pirates, Dinosaurs, Pets, or Pixies — turning their lessons into fun adventures. When they choose an adventure with a Pixies theme, they can explore an enchanted forest full of pixies, sprites, butterflies, and mermaids. They can rescue the sprites from the nasty trolls, help Tempest the Sky Pixie gather the clouds for the spring storm, and collect sprite blossoms for the Lantern Festival. Or they can collect forest gems to create a fantastic fireworks show.

And when you print out the newest DreamBox math activity coloring page, your child can “Help give Snorg a surprise birthday party in the enchanted world of the pixies!”

Throughout their adventures, DreamBox cheers students on. As they progress through the math lessons, kids earn rewards for both effort and academic achievement. They can collect Adventure Friends cards, and tokens that can be used in the Carnival, where kids can play a variety of games, puzzles, and activities just for fun!

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