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New Math Activity Coloring Page #4: Color Barnacle Beard and his Treasure Seekers!

Pirates heroDreamBox Learning K-2 Math is a serious math curriculum, with more than 350 math lessons that adapt with each child. but it’s effective teaching because at DreamBox we know that when kids are having fun they’re more receptive to learning. We’ve made it a fun and adventurous math game so kids build confidence and a sense of accomplishment!

Students choose from 4 math adventure themes (Pirates, Dinosaurs, Pets, or Pixies), each with 8 stories, and hundreds of choices for activities in the online adventures. The pirates are a wacky crew of treasure seekers led by their captain, Barnacle Beard. Several of the Pirates stories were inspired by talking with DreamBox kids about fun stories that they would like to see – one even features a giant Sea Turtle!

Kids who choose the Pirates theme can collect the supplies needed to repair the pirate ship and make it shipshape. They can help keep the whale Doby Mick free by destroying all of Peg Leg Meg’s traps. Or they can gather supplies to make Humungous Gus sneeze out the trapped pirate ship. They can even find the six levers hidden across the island of Atlantis, freeing the pirate ship and sending Atlantis back under the sea!

And when you print out the newest DreamBox pirates math activities coloring page, your kids can color it to “Help Barnacle Beard and the pirates find the map and recover their treasure before the sea monster gets it.”

Once they’re finished, you can print out the other coloring pages so your children can:

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