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New DreamBox Math Activities Coloring Page #1: Color Adventure Friends the Colors of the Rainbow

For hero_AdventuresPark

When kids play DreamBox Learning K-2 Math, they explore the DreamBox Adventure Park, an amazing place where kids go on many different adventures as they solve problems and learn math! Students choose their adventures from four themes: Pirates, Pixies, Dinosaurs, and Pet Friends. The DreamBox themes, stories, and adventures were inspired by suggestions from kids who were the early DreamBox testers.

Children are shown the way to the Adventure Park by Stella – their friend and “tour guide.” When kids first begin DreamBox, Stella helps them find the key that opens the park, and introduces them to the adventure friends.

Now you can print out the first in a series of new DreamBox coloring pages, and meet “Stella and her friends in the Adventure Park!” Download the Math Activity Coloring Book PDF so your kids can enjoy some coloring fun!

Would you also like to print out color posters of the DreamBox friends? You can download more math activities:

Have fun, and watch for the other coloring pages to come from DreamBox!

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