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New January Kids Calendar to Ring in 2010

Goodbye 2009! Ring in the New Year with our new January math activities calendar, and all the wacky holidays and fantastic math activities that come along with it. What are your New Year’s resolutions? Here at DreamBox, we start each year with the goal of making learning math fun and a part of every day life.

Math Activities to Kick Off the New Year

This year marks the debut of a brand new decade. Your kids counted down the hours and minutes until the clock struck midnight and 2010 officially started – even if they were probably long asleep when it happened. What year will the next decade start and how old will everyone in the family be? How many years will it be before midnight is not after bedtime?

January is Freezing Math Month

Jan-Math-Activity-CalendarJust because we said “adios” to December doesn’t mean winter is over yet. Freezing temperatures, falling snow, and fantastic wintry math games are on their way! Measure the inches of new snow with your kids and calculate how fast it melts. Learn why frost forms on the windows in the winter and draw designs in it with your pinkie or a pencil eraser. January 13 is National Cocoa Day, so stay warm inside with steaming mugs of hot chocolate. See how many marshmallows fit without spilling.

Have a happy New Year with our free January calendar and keep cozy with a month bundled full of fun math activities.

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