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New Math Activity Calendar: June is Turn-Off-the-TV Math Month

June_DreamBox_Math_activity_calendarWe’re still shivering in Seattle but according to the calendar, it’s almost summer! So it’s a new month with fun-in-the-sun kids activities and goofy holidays. Our new math activity calendar is better than ever. Teachers: you can send this calendar home to suggest fun family math activities. And parents: turn off the TV, get outside, and say so-long to the math learning “summer slide”!

Comment below with your ideas on favorite outdoor educational activities. How can students keep learning when they’re at the beach, the park, or in the backyard? Your activity could be featured in an upcoming calendar!

Activity calendar highlights

  • Don’t miss Eat Grapes Until Your Belly Aches Day on June 8. The world record for eating grapes is 133 in three minutes! (How many seconds is that?)
  • Celebrate the summer solstice — the longest day of the year —by finding out how many hours of sun you’ll get!
  • On Paper Airplane Day, fold four different paper airplanes and let them fly, then time which one stays in the air the longest.

We hope you and the kids enjoy our June activity calendar. As the summer starts, it can be tempting to take a vacation from education. But learning opportunities abound outside. Have a super fun, safe summer!

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