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New Math Activity Coloring Page #5: Find and Color the Missing Mischievous Kittens!

Pets heroFor the last in our series of math activity coloring pages we’ve created a scene from one of our Pet Friends stories. Pet Friends are one of our most popular themes for younger children – if your child has played a Pet Friends math adventure you’ve probably heard about helping Hemi and Bunny build a pet-mobile and winning first place. Or finding all the hats taken by the silly Pigeons and returning them to their rightful owners. Or helping Hemi find his way home from the Post Office after he accidently got picked up with the mail. These are just a few of the math adventures around the neighborhood!

Now you can download the PDF for the coloring page for one of the favorite Pet Friends stories. Print out this pets math activity coloring page and your kids can “Help Cool Cat Kelly and his pals find the missing mischievous kittens!”

Then you can print out the other math activity coloring pages so your children can:

  • Color the Dinosaurs coloring page to “Help Professor Pickles and the gang get home in the time machine!”
  • Color the Pixies coloring page to “Help give Snorg a surprise birthday party in the enchanted world of the pixies!”
  • Color the Pirates coloring page to “Help Barnacle Beard and the pirates find the map and recover their treasure before the sea monster gets it.”
  • And when you print out the Adventure Park coloring page, your kids can make Stella and her friends the colors of the rainbow.

We hope your children have fun with these DreamBox characters! And if you haven’t already, you can sign up to try DreamBox Learning K-2 Math free for 14 days. Children think DreamBox Learning K-2 Math is a fun adventure full of stories, interactive games, and more! Parents know it’s an individualized, effective math game, made highly engaging so children will be motivated to play and learn — it’s serious learning that’s seriously fun!

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