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New Quiz: What’s Your Edu-Parent Style?

How do you interact with your kids when it comes to school work? Do you enforce a strict homework time or let the little ones face the music if they don’t get that book report in on time? To help parents get more involved in their child’s education, DreamBox Learning presents the quiz: What’s Your Edu-Parent Style?

Compiled by recognized parent education experts, this quiz helps parents assess how they interact with their kids when it comes to math learning and other subjects. It’s fun, fast, and full of great tips. At the end of the quiz, you’ll learn all about your Edu-Parent Style. You’ll be amazed at its accuracy. Each Edu-Parent Style has its own benefits and challenges.

If you ever wondered if you’re too slack or too involved when it comes to their education, take this quiz. You might find the results surprising. Definitely pass the quiz along to other parents!

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