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New Teacher Downloadable: Give Parents Ideas to Avoid the “Summer Slide”

Hero_Summer slide handoutWith the school year soon winding down, teachers and students are both more focused on summer vacation. But math teachers may also be looking for ways to remind parents of the importance of reinforcing math during the summer to help students maintain their academic skills. DreamBox can help fill the gap! A new downloadable for teachers to share with parents suggests some fun ways families can reinforce what students have learned this year, helping them avoid the “summer slide.”

The National Summer Learning Association says that students can lose up to three months of growth if they are not engaged in learning during summer vacation — many students return to school in the fall having lost some academic skills. You have introduced your students to important math concepts during the school year. Summer vacation provides an excellent opportunity to practice these skills and build fluency in a fun, non-academic manner. And it’s a great way for parents to help their kids see how math is used in real life. Teachers can download the “Avoid the Summer Slide” handout and send it home — either by printing it out or emailing it to parents directly with your note.

The handout includes fun activities families can enjoy together. They are based on the ten different standards of math learning for each grade level, recommended by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics; there are five Content Standards and five Process Standards.

The “Avoid the Summer Slide” parent handout includes suggestions like:

  • A card game with several variations, all of which reinforce number sense, number relationships like “greater than” and “less than”, and addition, subtraction
  • Games that help kids develop pattern recognition
  • Fun ways to experiment with 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional forms
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving activities

Sharing this handout with parents is a good way to support the home-school connection — you’ll help parents understand how to reinforce the key math concepts these activities relate to. Click here to download the “Avoid the Summer Slide” handout.

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