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Not All Video Games for Kids Are Created Equal

I’m a member of a large online community of moms where we often discuss the ups and downs of raising kids in a digital age. Recently another mom posted a question wondering if exposing kids to video games at a young age leaves them ‘no time to think’. After working with teachers and schools that are using DreamBox in the classroom I think it is dangerous to lump all ‘video games’ into one negative category for kids. One of the benefits of raising children today is that there are many ways that technology is advancing learning, even for very young kids.

My role at DreamBox is to work with hundreds of teachers, who are finding that DreamBox is an incredibly effective way to teach 4-8 year olds math in a fun way. The benefit of teaching children with DreamBox is that the program is able to leverage the latest technological innovations to create an online math learning product. Our kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade math games that adapt lessons based on each child’s knowledge and adjusts pacing on an individual basis.

Why DreamBox Online Learning Games?

With no exaggeration I can tell you that teachers are lining up to get DreamBox into their classrooms because it works! Independent effectiveness studies have shown that student test scores have increased by 19% after 2 weeks playing DreamBox.

I love working with teachers and hearing how excited they are about DreamBox. Here are a couple of recent emails I’ve gotten from teachers who are using the program (and you can read many more here):

“I use DreamBox as a regular part of my kindergarten curriculum. I rely on DreamBox to keep my advanced math students interested and challenged. It’s also a great program for my students who are not as advanced in the classroom because the program is auditory and visual and will repeat lessons and concepts as needed. As a teacher I love that DreamBox is really teaching mathematical thinking. I also love that students can play DreamBox at home in addition to the classroom — the parents of my students often ask me what they can do at home to supplement what their children are learning at school. DreamBox is a great way for students to practice and reinforce math at home. ”
— Marie Hewitt, kindergarten teacher, Norman Rockwell Elementary

“I was really interested in using DreamBox Learning K-2 Math with my first grade class because of its ability to adapt to each individual student’s level. This program challenges each child whether they need remediation or need more advanced work. DreamBox is focused on the critical foundational math my students must learn such as the ability to add and subtract fluently. I also liked how the DreamBox program immediately offers tips and lessons on how to solve a problem if a student doesn’t answer a problem correctly.”
— Lisa Niva, 1st grade teacher, Wade King Elementary just wrote a story on DreamBox today and I personally think it’s a great example of a video game and technology that is helping students learn rather than a waste of ‘screen time’.

Perhaps not all video games are created equal!