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Notable Quotables: Why DreamBox is an Essential Solution for Classrooms

DreamBox Nation educators share their stories

DreamBox Learning is not only an essential tool in classrooms for a variety of reasons, but it also serves as a solution for many. From the amount of data that it yields in allowing educators to improve on and plan their lessons, to the use of as an intervention program, it is applied in a multitude of capacities. Below are thoughts from educators who offer their experiences in applying DreamBox Learning in their daily instruction.


“DreamBox is an essential tool in my classroom because we use it every day in stations. My students are able to focus on their current objectives, and have a choice. Student voice is very important to me, and allowing them the choice of what they are working on is vital in my classroom. This also allows them to reflect on how well they are passing topics and identifying what questions they may have for me as their teacher.”
Krysta Combs | 3rd grade teacher at Springfield Public Schools, Wilder Elementary @krysta_combs


“It allows students to work at their own level in Math. It is also a great tool for me when teaching a topic. I can assign the students lesson on a specific topic we are working on in class. This can give them a deeper understanding. I can also go back and see what they missed in 3rd grade and fill in “holes” by assigning them missing lessons.”
Jennifer Longnecker | 4th Grade Math Teacher at Linden Elementary


“….because it works at each student’s individual level. When they are on DreamBox during our math rotations, I know that each student is working on something that will help in their learning and assist me in my teaching.”
Karol H. | 2nd grade teacher at Fouse Elementary School


“It provides an opportunity for students to understand specific math concepts through several tools and strategies to build that confidence and knowledge. I have seen firsthand, those students that have worked on DreamBox for more than 60 minutes per week, grow beyond expectations. DreamBox builds confidence with students in a way that they believe they are playing a game (or it’s just plain fun!) and don’t realize the learning that is taking place. It has given students different strategies and tools to use, not only when on DreamBox, but also in the classroom or at home when working and thinking through math work and problems. Discussions in my classroom have deepened and more students participate. My Smarter Balanced Assessment student results have shown students are meeting grade level math expectations or exceeding grade level math expectations. I use DreamBox both at school and home. When students work on DreamBox at school, it allows me an opportunity to sit with them and discuss the math they are working on at that time. Feedback from parents has also been positive as their child enjoys getting on DreamBox at home to complete tasks. In the past two years, DreamBox enabled me to see specific growth with students’ learning and helped me see what I could help struggling students with when we worked on DreamBox at school. I am still not sure if these same reports are available and what new and improved reporting will help me further. I look forward to learning more about Assign Focus and using reports to help drive student learning and my instruction.”
Katy S.|5th Grade Teacher, Caughlin Ranch Elementary, Core Advocate, Math Teacher Leader | @KatyScherr1


“DreamBox is an essential aspect of my data-driven math block for my second graders! I love using DreamBox to really key into some of the gaps my scholars have. Using DreamBox, I can differentiate my math instruction.”
Tara Perpignan | Second Grade Educator at Propel Charter Schools-Hazelwood

“….because it’s helped many of my students gain an understanding of tens and ones, where without it, they were not grasping it in full. Even my students who struggle, and may not have an understanding of number names can identify how many tens and how many ones on most of the lessons.”
Kim Cole | Kindergarten Teacher at Creston Elementary

“DreamBox allows me to more effectively run my math workshop. I can meet with groups, have students work in pairs or on independent work, and have students work independently on computers on DreamBox. It makes it fun because students will rotate daily which keeps them busy.” 
Stefanie | 6th Grade Teacher at Fairfax County Public Schools | @teacherMsVestal

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