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Parent's Math Anxiety: Apples and Oranges

No parent likes to see their child struggle – whether it be in the math class room, or with fitting in on the playground. As parents, we all get anxious when our child hits a speed bump. And when we get anxious, we forget one of the most basic rules of parenting that we all know: every child is different.

My son struggled mightily to memorize the basic single digit addition facts and later the multiplication table. And yet, now as a 10th grader he has no problem with Algebra II. I still am not sure he ever really memorized the multiplication table, but instead it seems he quickly recalculates each time. When he was younger, I wish I would have had more faith that there were many, many different paths to success, and that he would find his.

Identifying a Child’s Path to Math Success

One of the things that attracted me to DreamBox and got me involved, was DreamBox’s core belief in the idea that every child is different, and every child will find a different path to success.For more on this, look at Why is DreamBox better? Also, in the FAQ there are a couple useful questions and answers about what to do when your child hits a speed bump with DreamBox.  See: Should I help my child with a problem?

And apples and oranges? I wish I could give credit to where I read this, but it is an image that has stuck with me since before I became a parent: Being a parent is like being a gardener. You are given a seed and not told what type of seed it is – maybe it is an apple seed, maybe an orange seed, maybe something else. You have no control over what it is. Your only job is to make sure it grows up healthy, happy, and strong.

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