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Print the DreamBox Pet Friends Theme Poster!

The DreamBox Adventure park is a magical place where kids can choose which adventures they would like to explore. Four themes are available to DreamBox players: Pirates, Pixies, Dinosaurs, and Pet Friends!

These themes, as well as some of the stories and adventures that kids explore, were inspired by and suggested by kids we’ve talked to and our school beta testers! The DreamBox creative team thanks them all for inspiring us and helping us make a great product!

To commemorate our launch we’ve created four fun posters (one for each theme) for kids and parents to download and print at home!

Today, we are featuring the Pet Friends Theme!

Pet friends poster PDF

The pet friends are a band of neighborhood pets that are always ready to explore or help a friend solve a problem. Hemi and Bunny are best friends and join the students on adventures with the other pets in the neighborhood. Silly cats, birds, mice, squirrels, and dogs all come along for the ride when the pet friends play!

Several stories in the Pet Friends theme were inspired by our Kid Beta testers! From the types of animals to include to adventures involving candy, a storm and a group of mischievous kittens!

Download a JPEG or PDF version of this fun poster to print at home!

Pet friends poster PDF

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