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Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Hear from Guest Blogger, Amanda Barber

Ahh, summer… full of warm days, swimming pools, popsicles, and the dreaded summer slide.  However, summer learning loss is avoidable!

Here are a few tips to avoid summer learning loss:

  1. Set a goal.  Before the school year ends, have each child and their family make a plan with you on how to avoid the summer dip!  Create an achievable goal – a good place to start might be 2-3 lessons per week on Dreambox, plus a reading goal. This could easily be personalized by looking at your students’ typical weekly lessons and subtracting a few!  Make a contract, have students and their families sign it, and reward students who are consistent and meet their summer goals when they return in the fall! Everyone wins! Some ideas for rewards – popsicles, a school t-shirt, or a book from an upcoming school book fair.
  2. Check in.  Check in with your students throughout the summer.  Call or e-mail to let them know you’re checking in on their progress and how great they are doing!  This is always a special touch for them and can keep them motivated.
  3. No technology? No problem!  For students who do not have access to technology, send home a summer math packet!  A deck of cards and a pair of dice are all you need for a wide variety of math games for all ages to keep kids subitizing, adding, multiplying, and more all summer long!  If you need free decks of cards, reach out to local casinos – they’re always giving them away!
  4. Make math memorable!  Give parents a list of ways to bring math into their summer months.  Many kids love to help out in the kitchen which provides a great real-world experience in measurement.  Others might enjoy helping plan a summer trip including mileage, cost, and more! There are so many ways to bring math into your everyday life.  Another easy way to ensure we’re getting our math brain working each day is reading a quick story on (or on the free app) and then discussing the age-appropriate math problems!

This year, maintain your students’ growth!  Prevent the 2.6 months of math skills that can be lost over those summer months by trying out these tips.


A bit about our Guest Blogger, Amanda Barber

I have been teaching for ten years and currently teach Kindergarten and first grade at Walker Elementary in West Allis, Wisconsin.  One of my favorite parts of teaching little learners is their excitement each day and their amazing growth throughout the year.  When I’m not teaching I love spending time with my family, reading, running and exercising, and reading up on all things technology!

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