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Pushing Kids From an Early Age?

A few days ago I read an article about gifted kids and the meaning of the word these days. I’m not a parent, but I can understand why many parents want to believe their children are exceptional. However, I think some are trying to convince themselves of that by pushing their kids in various activities from a very early age. I can share my experience with this.

I am the second of two children in my family, and my mother is definitely one those parents who try to make their kids geniuses when they’re young. As a second child I was lucky, because most of this parental ambition was poured over my brother; by contrast, I was not reading large books or doing well in math before first grade. I really did have a lot more freedom than my brother to choose what I was interested in. At first, my parents thought that I was going to be good at literature, because I had the ability to talk for hours if there was someone around unlucky enough to listen.

Growing up in Bulgaria math is stressed in school, and from the beginning we had many math problems to solve every day. As time went on, I started to like math and many of my friends also liked it. I attended extra math and informatics programs in the Math High School in my city. I found math to be fun on my own, without being pushed so hard like my brother was.

Encouraging Kids Through Fun Learning Games and Imagination

Now, I am a silver medalist from the International Olympiad in Informatics, a Computer Science graduate, and a software developer for an online children’s education start-up. I have been seriously studying math for around 10 years, and I really enjoy it! In spite of the fact that I haven’t been solving linear equations since the age of 5 ;-).

The bottom line that I want to emphasize is: let’s keep learning fun for younger kids. Childhood should be a time of exploration and discovery. And what could be better than to combine fun with serious learning? This is what we’re doing here at DreamBox, and every time I see a child enjoy our product, I am happy for at least two reasons: this child is having fun and he/she is also learning something useful. I wish my mother had this product when I was a child…

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