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Recommended Summer Reads from DreamBox Nation

Ten titles you probably won’t take to the beach, but you will take to heart

Between catching Mama Mia 2 and binge watching all those Netflix series they don’t have time to consume during the school year, teachers in DreamBox Nation are squeezing in a little self-paced continuing ed time too. 

We recently asked folks in our growing professional learning community how they planned to spend their hard-won reading and viewing hours this summer. Beyond indulging in the usual beach reads and blockbusters, teachers are practicing what they preach and making time to hone their instructional skills.

We mentioned two popular titles on teachers’ summer reading lists in our last post. Here now are ten more recommended reads from your fellow educators:

  1. Biliteracy from the Start: Literacy Squared in Action, by Kathy Escamilla, et al
    Learn how to plan, implement, monitor, and strengthen biliteracy instruction that builds on students’ linguistic resources in two languages, beginning in kindergarten.
  2. Engaging Children: Igniting a Drive for Deeper Learning, by Ellin Oliver Keene
    Find out how to develop and recognize true student engagement in your classroom and help students take more responsibility for their learning.
  3. Grading for Impact: Raising Student Achievement Through a Target-Based Assessment and Learning System, by Garth Larson and Tom Hierck
    Learn how to assess, grade, and report against specific learning targets rather than standards as a whole. Includes case studies, practical implementation examples, checklists, illustrations, and more.
  4. How the Brain Learns Mathematics, by David A. Sousa
    Discover the cognitive mechanisms for learning math, explore factors that contribute to learning difficulties, and follow a four-step teaching model that relates classroom experience to real-world applications.
  5. Kids Deserve It! Pushing Boundaries, by Adam Welcome and Todd Nesloney
    Be inspired to take risks, shake up the status quo, and be a champion for your students.
  6. Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP Model (4th Edition), by Jana J. Echevarria, et al.
    Improve the education of English learners and promote their academic gains using the widely popular Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP®) model. Includes lesson plans and instructional activities. 
  7. Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students’ Potential through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching, by Jo Boaler
    Banish math anxiety and give students of all ages a clear roadmap to success. Mathematical Mindsets provides practical strategies and activities to help teachers and parents show all children, even those who are convinced that they are bad at math, that they can enjoy and succeed in math.
  8. Math in Practice, by Susan O’Connell, et al.
    Develop deep content knowledge, understand why certain strategies and approaches are most effective, and rethink your beliefs about what math teaching should be.
  9. Notching Up the Nurtured Heart Approach – The New Inner Wealth Initiative for Educators, by Howard Glasser
    Recognize the heart and greatness of every student in every situation. This workbook includes interactive exercises for implementing ideas in the classroom.
  10. The Learning Framework in Number: Pedagogical Tools for Assessment and Instruction, by Robert J Wright
    Explore a complete research-based framework for assessment, instruction and intervention in whole number arithmetic across grades K to 5. Part of the bestselling Mathematics Recovery® series.

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