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Story of the Month: Rhonda Sinquefield

Kids Just Love DreamBox. And Prove It Using Statistical Data.

WH Robinson School in Greenville, North Carolina searched for an alternative solution to the traditional online math program they were using – they were searching for one that would able to track data and do ongoing predictive work. They found it in DreamBox Learning Math, with its unique ability to gather data to differentiate instruction, Common Core focus, and easy access for all students, at school and at home. 

With the program now in use in grades K-5, Rhonda Sinquefield, MAed, NBPTS, Instructional Coach for the school, teamed up with teachers to create a fun, unique way for fifth graders to use their math and language skills.  “We asked fifth grade students to do three things: measure which classrooms were making the most of DreamBox,” explains Rhonda, “determine if buying DreamBox was money well spent, and then alert homeroom teachers of their findings to make the best use of the program.” Her clever incentive project uses statistical data to assess DreamBox, and then tasks the students to report results and support their conclusions with real numbers.

 “Students, parents, teachers and the principal love DreamBox,” says Rhonda, “But just the way students were able to deliver data proves that DreamBox was worth buying!”

A Practical, Cost-Effective, Data Driven Teaching Solution
When teachers found DreamBox atTech Fest, they loved its ease, differentiated instruction and continuous re-assessment. DreamBox was the clear choice. “When the Tech Director offered a grant he could use to get DreamBox, that gave it the green light, and we’ve been using it for all our students ever since. “Now we can see—and the kids have proved,” confirms Rhonda, “that the engagement, enthusiasm, and results are terrific.”

Kids and Parents Love DreamBox
Making math learning fun and empowering was important in the selection of DreamBox, and it’s a concept Rhonda has carried that through in her incentive program. “Kids absolutely love learning math on DreamBox,” Rhonda comments, ‘’and their own data shows that usage is very high.” Kids love playing so much that they are playing it at home as well as in the classroom (the previous online math program was not available for home use). Teachers are getting great feedback from parents, too.

Teachers Love It, Too
The best part is that teachers love using DreamBox as well, because it is so easy to use. With four new curriculum programs this year, it’s difficult for teachers to stay on top of all the new components,” explains Rhonda. “With DreamBox, it simply teaches the new Common Core math through the program itself. And it’s so user-friendly that we haven’t had to conduct extensive training sessions—which is common with other new programs or curriculum.

Principal Praises Higher Scores
Principal Tiffany Vincent is very excited that students are surpassing benchmark scores. She’s seen how DreamBox adapts to each student’s needs and fills in the gaps through a fun gaming environment, while clearly showing where teachers can step in with additional instruction when necessary, thanks to click-by-clicking tracking.

Students Provide Definitive Data See program details and kid’s insightful memo
With all the kids in school using DreamBox, Rhonda launched the fun, practical incentive program to keep teachers and students engaged throughout the year. “We worked together, and enlisted Mrs. Vincent’s 5th Grade students as well as Math Teacher Casey Goodall, and Language Arts Teacher Samantha Miller on a special assignment to chart progress in each classroom.”  Students graphed usage for each classroom and then wrote memos to each of the teachers, telling them how their class was doing and what in their judgment was needed to do to make more progress. Some of the memos were very instructive, like this one:

DreamBox continues to empower kids and teachers, and receive accolades at WH Robinson School. Rhonda promises, “We’ll report back to all of you at DreamBox when the next set of benchmark scores come in!”

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