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Back to School Update: 100+ New Lessons for Grades 3-6 and More!

We’ve been working to bring exciting additions to the DreamBox experience for the new school year!

100+ new lessons for Grades 3-6:
With the release this summer of over 100 new lessons, elementary students have even more ways — over 1200 lessons in all —to learn and achieve in math. These new lessons develop procedural fluency with the Standard Division Algorithm (“long” division), conceptual understanding of angle measurement, plus lessons exploring how to read clocks and measure elapsed time. Like all of our interactive, highly visual tools, these DreamBox lessons are specifically designed for our Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ platform, so that each student has a differentiated learning experience. In these new lessons, student’s won’t ever “sit and get;” instead, they’ll always “think and do!”

iPad® app on its way:
We’re putting the finishing touches on our new iPad app. Our teachers and design team have reviewed of every aspect of the student experience and optimized our virtual manipulatives for a touch-environment. iPad accessibility will empower students to switch between a desktop, laptop, or tablet and still be able to pick up right where they left off in DreamBox lessons on another device. Check in here for iPad updates!

Initial placement adjustments:
We adjusted our initial student placement points in the curriculum to align closer to the start of each grade level. Therefore, students new to DreamBox will begin with placement tests and lessons that are about halfway through their previous grade level (or about a year-and-a-half earlier for students requiring intervention). This change in initial placement will give students more opportunities to become proficient in their grade-level standards, while still adapting to address gaps in learning from previous grades.

Improved intermediate engagement:
To empower students in the intermediate grades to more frequently choose from a range of “just right” lesson options, we removed the “Keep Going” button at the end of each lesson and replaced it with a “Return to Unit Chooser” button that returns students to the home screen after each lesson. This change more closely resembles how students choose recommended lessons in our primary engagement and gives students ongoing opportunities to be self-directed learners.

It’s our privilege to partner with you to ensure the success of all students in mathematics!