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Save the Date for Seattle’s MathFest 2010: Nov. 4

Imagine a school gym full of elementary kids having a blast playing math games. Then, if you live in the Seattle area, mark your calendar for Mathfest 2010 on November 4!

Last year my favorite 6-year-old had a memorable time playing a whole range of math puzzles, problems, and games. But the best part for me was getting insight into what kinds of math activities he gravitates to and  how he thinks. In a couple of cases I was so amazed to see him take on a really hard problem, think it through methodically, work it persistently, and then see his pleasure and pride when he solved it!

MathFest is Explorations in Math’s annual math bash. This is an organization that helping to build a culture in Seattle-area elementary schools that showcases math as fun, engaging, and relevant. This year’s event is scheduled for Thursday, November 4, from 5-8 pm, at the Rainier Community Center in Seattle.

MathFest is also a good opportunity to give back to the community—and
help Explorations in Math. They need help setting up and taking down game booths, playing games with the elementary students who attend, and to assisting with registering attendees. Interested volunteers can e-mail full name and date of birth to

For those of you not lucky enough to live in the Seattle area, there are lots of other Mathfest events. A simple Google search for MathFest 2010 turned up links to events all over the country.

Click here to watch their “music video” from MathFest 2009, and help get your kids excited about participating!