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September 2019 Activity Calendar

It’s back to school time DreamBoxers!

Welcome back! After a very warm summer, we are happy to have you back in the classroom and working away on your DreamBox lessons! We know that September is always a jam-packed month, but we are here to help you break it down so you don’t miss a beat!

Starting the month off strong, Labor Day comes on the 2nd. On this day we observe those who are dedicated to the social and economic achievements of the American workforce. We take this time annually pay tribute to the contributions and prosperity of the individuals who work for our country. Next, we have National Read a book day on the 6th. This is a great opportunity to teach your students how to navigate through the library, check out a book, see how many words they can read per minute or even just get lost in the pages of a great book!

As this month’s Activity Calendar moves forward, we have our National Day of Service and Remembrance on the 11th. On this day, we honor the lives lost and those who braved their lives to save those who were harmed and injured when the Twin Towers came crashing down. As the days move forward, we come upon National Guacamole Day! Why not gather with some friends and whip up a bowl of this delicious avocado indulgence! This same week, we also have National Cheeseburger Day on the 18th and National Pepperoni Pizza Day on the 20th. Did you know that pepperoni is served on over a third of all pizza orders? That’s A LOT of pepperoni!

As the month wraps up, we come up on the first day on fall on the 23rd! This means that the fall equinox will arrive in the Northern Hemisphere and the days will get shorter and the nights longer. But, fall also brings with it beautiful leaves, football games and of course the crowd favorite, pumpkin spice! As the month concludes we have National Coffee Day on the 29th. A morning cup of joe is a staple to most of our mornings, but did you know that America is the number one consumer of coffee in the world? Americans are known to consume 400 million cups of coffee PER DAY! Imagine calculating how many coffee beans that is!

As always, for more ways to be mindful of math during the month of July, download your DreamBox Activity Calendar now and use it to encourage the kids in your life to keep making those daily connections between numbers and the world around them. Happy September! Enjoy!

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