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September Math Activities Calendar

Our September Math Activities Calendar is jam-packed with trivia, observances, and math problems to get your students using real-life math this month. 

Ideas for using the calendar in the classroom:

Home-School Connection

Make a copy for each student to bring home. Ask them to do 10-15 activities for the month (or all of them!). Students can write the answers directly on the calendar. Offer a math incentive for students who bring the calendar in at the end of the month.

Classroom Use

Make a classroom copy of the calendar and post it in the room. Use the trivia and activities as discussion starters for your math lesson or make it a go-to activity for those transition times when you need an educational filler right before lunch. As a class, look up some of the more interesting or unusual holidays and observances to find out more about them. How will you celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day on September 22?

Teachers, how do you use the Math Activities Calendar in your classroom? Do you use any math-centered rewards or incentives with your students? Email and let us know. We’ll share your great ideas in a future blog.

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