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Serving Those Who Serve Our Country

How educators in one district deliver personalized learning to a very special population

The Fort Sam Houston Independent School District (FSH ISD) is located entirely on the Fort Sam Houston Army Post in northeast San Antonio, Texas. This public district serves the children of military personnel living on the base, which right now includes more than 1,500 pre K–12 students.  

These children face unique challenges: having active-duty parents may mean frequent moves, lengthy deployments, and sometimes having to cope with a parent’s injury. So, in addition to addressing achievement gaps, FSH educators endeavor to focus on the “whole learner,” paying special attention to the social and emotional well-being of this special population.

Numerous studies link student mobility to lower school engagement, poorer grades, and a higher risk of dropping out in high school. That’s due in part to the fact that transient students are always having to start over. They have to constantly find new friends and adapt to new teachers and different learning environments.

Yet, for the children of our dedicated military personnel, picking up and moving to another base is an all-too-frequent fact of life. At FSH, it’s common for kids (particularly at the elementary level) to move on after only two or three years. It’s tough on students and a challenge for educators too.

Those who transfer from a strong school system may be very proficient in mathematics, while others may arrive at FSH with severe deficiencies. That means teachers are constantly reevaluating students to meet every learner where they are. They use DreamBox to not only help students who are struggling, but to also support accelerated learning in students who are already performing at and above grade level.

DreamBox automatically personalizes instruction from intervention through enrichment, delivering content and lessons that are appropriate to each student’s level of learning readiness. In an environment where student mobility is standard operating procedure, DreamBox’s ability to adapt in real time, constantly assess progress, and build on prior knowledge is key to developing personalized learning pathways for every student.

FSH educators say their kids find DreamBox fun and engaging. It also helps them build confidence as they persevere, progress, and see evidence of their own success. Since implementing DreamBox, math achievement is on the rise at FSH—especially among fourth and fifth grade students.

To find out more about how FSH educators use DreamBox to not only close gaps and keep everyone engaged, but to enhance their own professional learning as well, download the case study now.



We at DreamBox extend warm wishes to all members of our DreamBox family on this Memorial Day, especially those who serve in the military. Our deepest gratitude goes to the fallen men and women who gave us a chance to make this world a better place.

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