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Small Group Rotation + DreamBox = BIG Results

Highly-rated public school district in Fayetteville Georgia shares their success story

In February of 2015, the State Board of Education in Georgia voted to rename the existing ELA and Mathematics standards to the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). According to the revised standards, new mathematics curriculum must focus on actively engaging students in the development of mathematical understanding. It’s an instructional approach that places greater emphasis on cultivating students’ problem-solving, reasoning, connection-building, and communication skills—and one that administrators in the Fayette County Public Schools (FCPS) district immediately embraced.

Shortly after the GSE were established, FCPS began implementing a small-group differentiation instruction model to support the new initiatives. District leaders also started researching digital programs that promoted a deeper conceptual understanding of math. The idea was to introduce a digital component into their small group rotation, ideally one that complemented the new classroom curriculum.

After successfully piloting DreamBox on a limited basis in three buildings, instructional support specialist Josh Noland rolled it out to all 14 elementary schools districtwide. Today, fresh scores from the Star Math® Assessment for the 2016/2017 school year reveal impressive growth that can be linked to DreamBox usage.

Students who completed five or more DreamBox lessons per week scored 97 percent higher on assessments than those who didn’t use DreamBox—that’s double the growth! Even students who completed only one to three lessons per week or three to five saw significant increases. The fact is, the more time students spent on DreamBox, the greater the growth. These findings are consistent with those of independent third-party research, including a recent study conducted by the Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) at Harvard University.

As of this writing, some 80 percent of K–5 math teachers in the FCPS district have successfully implemented small-group practice in their classrooms and are using DreamBox in their rotation. Download the Fayette County success story now to find out how Josh Noland helped teachers adopt the necessary mindset to not only embrace a new instruction model, but new edtech as well.

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