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SRI Study: Changing the education landscape with intelligent adaptive learning

Our customers can attest to how DreamBox Learning’s math program has changed the lives of their students. Our intelligent adaptive learning program supports a broad range of learners, both struggling to advanced. And the greatest satisfaction comes from students feeling empowered and more confident in their math ability.

With the latest study released by SRI International, we now have confirmation backing our customers’ voices. The SRI International study, Evaluation of Rocketship Education’s Use of DreamBox Learning Online Mathematics Program, was commissioned by Rocketship Education to measure the impact of online math learning on its students’ academic growth.

“Intelligent adaptive learning is a game changer”
To measure learning progress, students were administered the NWEA MAP mathematics test at the beginning and conclusion of the study. The study found that Rocketship students who received additional online math instruction through the DreamBox Learning program scored an average of 2.3 points higher on the NWEA mathematics test than similar students who did not receive the added online instruction time. For the average student, these gains would be equivalent to progressing 5.5 points in percentile ranking (e.g., from the 50th percentile to the 55.5th percentile) in just 16 weeks.

This SRI study validates DreamBox Learning’s core value proposition – that intelligent adaptive learning is a game changer in education. Rocketship is a showcase example of how the platform has significantly impacted math score gains across a diverse landscape of students.

I encourage you to read the SRI International study if you haven’t already. Together, we can be a part of the change in education, and empower our young children with the foundation they need to succeed.

Jessie Woolley-Wilson, CEO