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More Favorite Stories That Teach Math

With a new crop of 4 year olds in our extended family, I’m always picking up on the changing book choices when it comes to story time at our house. I’ve blogged about math in children’s literature before – there’s no end of possibilities – because I love that reading to kids can also be a great way to help them learn math. Here are a few recent favorites.

The-500-Hats-of-Bartholomew-CubbinsThe 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins continues to be a favorite, and when we start reading to the younger kids it the older kids end up hanging around to hear it again too; they don’t seem to outgrow the Dr. Seuss books. It’s a lesson in counting to 500, skip counting, and place value. Bartholomew takes off his hat with a bow to King Derwin, but a new hat appears on his head. The king gets mad and wants Bartholomew to take off his hat, but his hat simply doesn’t’ want to come off! Everyone tries to help him take it off, but they keep mysteriously multiplying, until the happy end. It’s a little longer and darker then other Dr. Seuss stories, but the kids love the absurdity of it.

Another old favorite is One Monkey Too Many, by Jackie French Koller and Lynn Munsinger. It’s a rhyming counting book that we started reading when they were learning to count, but they haven’t outgrown the story or the pictures.. A growing pile mischievous monkeys first ride a bicycle, then a golf cart, then as more monkeys pile on they switch to a canoe, a table, and then a bed – each time finding that there are too many monkeys! By the end they’re spilling out of the book.

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