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Tremendous Growth in Numbers & Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Pocantico Hills School in Sleepy Hollow, NY is a small Pre-K–8 elementary school with only 300 total students. At schools of that size, resources can be scarce and teachers, like Terry Hongell, can find themselves pulling double-duty. After 16 years as a computer teacher, Ms. Hongell found herself in charge of a 1st grade classroom for the first time.

Although veteran teachers like Ms. Hongell are no strangers to getting the job done no matter the situation, she also knew that her students could use some supplemental resources to broaden their understanding of the curriculum – particularly in math. So when a parent of one of her students suggested looking into DreamBox, she quickly availed herself of the free trial program.

Loosening the Reins
Being a technology instructor, Ms. Hongell knew the capabilities of the program and instructed her students to make use of DreamBox with no limits, including in class and at home. The more time the kids could spend with the program, the program would pay off exponentially in learning gains. What she found, however, was that the students needed very little incentive to log in.

One of her students even had previous experience with the program from his previous school. “DreamBox was able to transfer his past usage and progress from his previous student account to his new account with us within an hour without any interruption. He just picked up right where he left off.”

Signs of Engagement
Their admiration for DreamBox is showing up in other areas of the curriculum as well.
Toward the end of the school year, the kids had a writing assignment to create an advertisement for one of their favorite products or brands. One student, Aayushi, chose DreamBox. Her work is below, stating in part that DreamBox “makes learning fun” and that “it keeps you learning all the time” – high praise from a first grader.

This Year’s Results
Pocantico Hills is still in the process of analyzing their results from this year’s MAP testing, but Ms. Hongell sees the great improvement her students made this year and credits a lot of that success to their use of DreamBox.

“I have seen tremendous growth in Numbers & Operations and Algebraic Thinking from fall to spring. The children love the program and have grown as mathematicians because of the work they have done on DreamBox,” she said.


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