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Summer Learning for Educators

5 Tips for Educator Growth

Recently we’ve talked a lot about the summer slide and how important it is for students to maintain growth, but teachers are growing during this time too! We asked our DreamBox Nation Community what they are doing to work on their professional development this summer and have compiled this list of 5 things educators can do to continue their professional learning this summer.

  1. Summer reading – You can finally finish the book that’s been collecting dust all year! Don’t have a book in mind? We’ve got you! Our community recommends “Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had: Ideas and Strategies from Vibrant Classrooms” by Tracy Zager or “What’s Math Got to Do with It?: How Teachers and Parents Can Transform Mathematics Learning and Inspire Success” by Jo Boaler as great options to gain a deeper understanding of math education.
  2. Further your education – Enroll in online classes or certification programs to help you develop your skills as an educator. Programs like Google Certifications or online Masters programs will give you the opportunity to elevate your personal profile and gain the knowledge to become an even better teacher. There are also a variety of free online webinars and YouTube videos that can help you deepen your understanding of math education and teaching strategies. Using these months to elevate your knowledge will put you in a better position to become a leader in your district.
  3. Prep your classroom – There are so many fun ideas on sites like Pinterest and DreamBox Nation on how to set up your classroom for next year. Get inspired and express some creativity by creating posters that will show their success with DreamBox and increase their engagement. Prepping your classroom will allow you to be intentional with planning the upcoming school year and engaging your students.
  4. Events – There are a handful of math and education tradeshows in the summer but those can be expensive to fund if your school/district isn’t sponsoring you to attend. As an alternative, consider putting together a teacher group that can meet and share ideas over lunch, or visit com to see if there are any local educator events for you to connect with other educators.
  5. Join and engage in an online community – During the summer, it is important to still feel connected to other like-minded professionals. Communities like DreamBox Nation remain active during the summer months as are the members who are busy sharing ideas to prep for the new year or to reflect on lessons they’ve learned. There are also a variety of online Facebook communities that 4are active over the summer months.

For more ideas and conversations about professional growth, check out DreamBox Nation, our online educator community for DreamBox users! Go to the resource section of your teacher dashboard and sign up by clicking on DreamBox Nation.

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