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Summer Learning Loss is Real—and Avoidable!

Download and share "Six Easy Ways to Fight Summer Slide"

Just when you thought it was safe to break for the summer (cue the menacing music)…

The biggest threat to vacationing students isn’t in the waters off Cape Cod. It’s in their mindset.

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, and you know what that means: months of progress and growth can be easily undone by the phenomenon known as the “Summer Slide.” According to the National Summer Learning Association, students can lose up to three months of academic growth during the summer break when they’re not in school.

All it takes is 90 minutes a week to keep skills sharp

One way to help avoid the summer slide is to get parents and guardians on board with summer learning. All it takes is 90 minutes a week to keep skills sharp — and there are lots of easy ways to introduce math concepts into every day summer fun.

Not everyone has access to formal summer learning programs, but there are plenty of opportunities to apply math skills at home and on the road — and even on the beach. All it takes is a little creativity. To that end, DreamBox has created an activity sheet for parents and learning guardians that includes tips for teaching everything from simple addition and subtraction to algebra, geometry, and more.

Download and print “Six Easy Ways to Fight Summer Slide” now and send copies home with your students. Feel free to forward the PDF to your colleagues as well. It’s important to spread the word any way you can, so teachers and students in your district don’t spend September playing catch-up. Looking for more ways to keep the learning going strong all summer long? National Summer Learning Day is July 13, 2017. Check here for summer learning events and programs in your community, or post your own event.

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