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Summer’s Coming! Apply sunscreen and math skills liberally

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Even though spring hasn’t sprung yet, DreamBox is already thinking ahead to the dog days of July and the dreaded summer slide. If you’re a district administrator or teacher, chances are you have summer break on your radar too.

Whether you’re lining up curricula for your summer school programming or just looking for proven ways to prevent learning loss, now’s the perfect time to consider adding DreamBox to your toolkit. For a limited time only, DreamBox is offering 15 months of math learning for the price of 12—that’s like getting a whole summer of learning for free!

We all know how important it is to keep kids motivated during out-of-school time (OST) — especially during that long summer stretch when there are so many additional distractions competing for their attention. Because DreamBox combines a fun and engaging learning environment with a rigorous, standards-based, math curriculum, it’s the perfect antidote to the summer slide—and a great way to close learning gaps and improve outcomes all year long.

Last year, districts in California, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington took advantage of special summer pricing on DreamBox. Schools in all five regions reported seeing growth in as little as four weeks and have since implemented DreamBox districtwide.

Download our Summer Math Programs solution sheet now to discover how evidence-based learning from DreamBox can make a difference for students in your district. And, find out how you can lock in special pricing on DreamBox for the summer and beyond! 

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