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2015: SXSWedu recap through our lens!

Phew, are we are exhausted! Following a packed week of ed-tech conversations and inspiring presentations that confirmed what is truly important in the future of education, we have compiled a mash-up of tweets and quotes to recap an incredible event!

When asked to speak on this truly important topic, our CEO added these powerful words.

We then attended “Hacking PD Through Innovation and Collaboration,” which tackled the current PD practices model and the traditional teaching practices we’re asking our educators to move away from: “If we want our educators to enable personalized instruction, as education leaders we need to model the change that we desire.”

From “Learning to Fail with Style and Grace,” an inspirational panel that brought together Art Markman, Sarah Bush, and Bob Duke who defined and discussed failure, came: “Why do we assume that the conceptual learning process is just reading some stuff, letting things wash over you. Learning is about engaging in material, having discussion, and recognizing there isn’t AN answer but a succession of better answers that can build on each other.”

Next up was the “Edtech for Educational Inclusion” panel with Christine Johns, Sehreen NoorAli, Teri Rousseau, and our own CEO, Jessie Woolley-Wilson, who discussed better opportunities and outcomes for both students and their learning guardians: “Learning technologies deployed in partnership with learning guardians does have the power to democratize learning opportunity, then families and communities will be empowered, as well as America and the world.”

Closing SXSWedu was Mimi Ito, who discussed how we can leverage the abundance of information and social media connectivity in education. She stated that it is truly important for students to have “learning heroes”—and that anyone can be one: “Teach what you love, even if you’re not a professional educator.”

We left Austin feeling passionate and inspired by the future of education technology, and we hope to continue the journey with you!

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