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About Blended Learning

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Transforming blended learning one student at a time

Dr. Kemi Jona, Professor of Learning Science and Computer Science, Northwestern University, provides insights into the ways DreamBox’s Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology is transforming blended learning.

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Doug Haynes and Angela Langley: Personalizing Math to Close Gaps

Angela Langley, Dean of Math and Student Data Analysis, and Doug Hayne, CEO, both of Rocky Mount Prep describe why they made the transition to blended learning to close gaps, and how DreamBox ‘leveled the playing field’ for their students.

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Rhode Island Blended Learning Conference

The Highlander Institute is hosting its 3rd Annual Blended Learning and Technology Conference in Providence, RI on Saturday, May 3rd and we’d love to have you there. Our Blended Learning Conference will convene local, regional, and national experts sharing their

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Mitigating Summer Learning Loss

4.1 months in math achievement in just 4 weeks Challenge Combating the summer brain drain Students in the countries outpacing the United States in academic success attend school for 30-45 days more per year than US students. It’s a fact

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EdWeb: Achievement in a New Standards Era: An Interactive Conversation about Math Education

Register Here Join the conversation, and learn about considerations and strategies that contribute to math achievement in an era of new standards. In our community’s next webinar, Dr. Francis (Skip) Fennell, past president of NCTM and Professor at McDaniel College

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Embracing Blended Learning

Providing a world-class education to low-income minority students Challenge Support individual student learning needs to transform life trajectories The mission of IDEA Public Schools is to transform the life trajectories of low-income students by putting them on a path to

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Helping ELL Students Succeed in Math

ICEF Vista Elementary Academy, a school serving primarily low-income students who are English Language Learners, was forced to reduce its operating budget by 20 percent following deep state budget cuts. The school brought in the DreamBox Learning program to meet student needs for math intervention and individualized instruction in a cost-effective manner.

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Can blended learning technology save money and accelerate learning?

The idea that technology can create greater efficiency and save money for schools is appealing, but the initial investment can be daunting for schools operating on tight budgets. So, does the investment pay off? Recent research studies and the experience

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