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4 Problems That Keep Math Teachers (and Administrators) Up at Night

Last week, DreamBox vice president of learning Tim Hudson presented a live webcast entitled, “Empowering Teacher Agency: How Data-Driven PD Models are Improving K-5 Math Achievement.” In the 60-minute session, Tim addressed the impetus that’s driving new innovations in professional

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Math instruction is personalized in a digital environment at Washington district

DreamBox Learning helps to meet the potential of blended learning at Federal Way Public Schools For the 21,000 students of Federal Way Public Schools near Seattle, the goal of the district’s administrators is to involve as much interactive technology in

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Supporting Blended Learning, Personalized Learning and the Common Core

The Christina School District in Delaware, comprised of both urban and suburban schools with a diverse group of learners, is the largest district in the state of Delaware. With a recent Race to the Top award, the district became interested in how technology could be used to improve their math instruction. Read the case study to learn how DreamBox Learning Math helped to significantly increase test scores in just one year—increasing the math proficiency of third to fifth grade students by as much as 43 percent in just eight months.

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Best Practices for Evaluating Digital Curricula

Blended learning is improving the teaching and learning experience, and are driving more student centered learning. But you need to ensure that your digital curricular resources support your goals. In this white paper, you’ll learn how the evaluation and selection of high-quality digital curricula can answer many challenges.

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EdWeek Webinar: Practical Instructional Transitions for Elementary Math in the Common-Core Era

As teachers and instructional leaders in 44 states and the District of Columbia immerse themselves in the Common Core State Standards in math, they continue to hunt for effective resources and instructional techniques. In this webinar, math instructional expert Zachary

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How to Successfully Plan for CCSS for Math

The 2013-2014 implementation deadline for the Common State Standards is fast approaching. If you are in one of the 46 states or DC that have adopted the CCSS, you will discover some common problems associated with the transition. Learn from the experiences of the Howard County school system as they plan for the first wave of Common Core assessments.

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An Elementary School Principal’s Guide

The transition to and implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in Mathematics is a history-making opportunity. This get-started guide provides steps principals can use to lead and empower their learning community in greater focus, coherence and rigor in mathematics education.

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Transition to Common Core

Clarkstown Central School District, the largest public school district in Rockland County, New York, searched for a supplemental math program to support their shift to greater focus, coherence, and rigor in mathematics. With early intervention in primary grades a priority, they found that the strongest visually based online program for bridging the gap between current standards and the Common Core is DreamBox Learning’s Intelligent Adaptive Learning™.

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